Frequently asked questions

What is Upcycled?

Upcycled is what we call items we have recycled and restored to sell at a more economical price.

Why do certain products have only one in stock?

All of our products that are made are unique and are not made in mass quantities to ensure quality.

Can I post about Materialistic on Social Media?

We encourage you to share that you are proud to be Materialistic! Use #artforprofit and @materialistic_boutique on Instagram and tweet us at @artforprofit to give a shout out.

Are you getting this product back in stock?

Because we determine our stock based on available materials, it's hard to say if and how soon we can bring a product back. If there is a product you want available, email us and we'll work on bringing it back.

Do you take commissions?

We sure do! We often collaborate with different communities for various events. If this is something you are interested in, email us in advanced to see if we can cater to your event.